Strategic Outfitters Training Center is the combined vision of its founders, Doug and JL        (Jody) Rehman, who have been married for more than 30 years. Together, they create classes and content to push the envelope of firearms training beyond the tunnel vision approach of concentrating on shooting lots of rounds, mostly from static positions, that is seen in most of the industry. Other trainers argue over the proper static shooting stance to use. Doug and JL are focusing on the skills necessary to minimize becoming involved in a confrontation in the first place and how to prevail through shooting, reloading, and clearing malfunctions while moving and seeking cover if you do.

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Doug Rehman is a retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent. He pioneered online proactive child exploitation investigations beginning in 1994 and testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Crime in 1997, resulting in numerous improvements in federal laws protecting children. He has performed a wide range of law enforcement duties including criminal investigation, electronic surveillance, dignitary protection, and security assessments, both physical and electronic countermeasures.

Prior to FDLE, Doug was an Inspector with the Illinois State Police and began his career with local law enforcement agencies in Florida. He has taught at the FBI Academy and taught investigative courses for the Institute of Police Technology and Management. For the past twenty years, Doug has been providing digital forensic examination and expert witness services via
Rehman Technology Services, Inc. He is also a Professor at Valencia College, teaching in the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Program.

JL is a former Deputy Sheriff and is the Publisher at Partners In Crime Publishing which publishes crime fiction and creates covers for other authors. She has authored several crime fiction novels.

JL is an NRA Certified Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). She is certified to teach the following courses:

Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)
Personal Protection Outside The Home
Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV)
Range Safety Officer (RSO)

She holds a Florida DI license which is required for teaching the 40 hour security officer course.

Long aware of the inadequate training being received by many people taking concealed carry classes, an opportunity to create a training center manifested in 2013. The Rehman's did substantial research into training options that were available to private citizens and found an abundance of "tacticool" instructors (think instructors dressed in paramilitary garb, spinning yarns of their law enforcement or military exploits, who like to be photographed with AR-15 style rifles-preferably fully automatic) and others looking to trade a "training certificate" for money.

What was lacking was tiered training delivered by mature, experienced, and professional instructors that is geared towards ordinary people wanting to maximize their knowledge and skills to protect themselves, their families, and their businesses. To fill this void, the Rehman's created Strategic Outfitters, purchased a house on acreage, fully renovated and furnished it to serve as a dedicated training center, including an outdoor firearms range. The house is solely dedicated to providing comfortable training and no one lives in it.

Strategic Outfitters' courses are designed for those who seek a relaxed and academic atmosphere. These are small, intimate classes taught by mature professionals with substantial firearms experience.

At Strategic Outfitters, you're not a customer, you're a client.

Serving Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, Lake County, Orange County, Orlando, Apopka, and all of Central Florida.

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Doug is an NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, an NRA Training Counselor (A Training Counselor trains Instructors) and a Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO). He holds a Florida K License which is required for teaching the 28 hour Florida G License class for armed private security officers and armed private investigators, as well as the 4 hour annual requalifications. Additionally, he holds a Florida DI license which is required for teaching the 40 hour security officer course.

He is certified to teach the following NRA student and Instructor courses:

Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)
Personal Protection Outside The Home (PPOTH)
Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)
Home Firearm Safety
Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV)