Whether your goal is becoming the best firearms instructor possible, becoming an armed security or investigations professional, or honing your personal skills to a razor's edge, we are dedicated to helping you to achieve and surpass your goals.

Strategic Outfitters Training Center is the preeminent facility in Central Florida for professional firearms training. Having an NRA Training Counselor (trains Instructors) and NRA Instructors on staff with broad based experience in firearms, education, law enforcement, personal safety, small business, trauma response, and security enables us to offer NRA student and Instructor courses, as well as our own advanced classes. Having our own range means that we can conduct high level skills training such as shooting at moving targets while moving.

Strategic Outfitters is a different paradigm in firearm training. The owners are a mature husband and wife team, both former law enforcement. Firearm training is our business, not a sideline. Unlike the vast majority of other trainers who use facilities owned by others, Strategic Outfitters has its own commercially insured private training facility, including an onsite gun range. From the layout of our classroom where everyone faces each other to shade sails and fans on the range, we have made a substantial investment to ensure that every detail of our facility and training has been carefully designed to maximize your safety, comfort, and learning potential.

We work closely with our students to ensure their individual training needs are exceeded. On the range, we use our diagnostic skills to identify and correct shooting deficiencies. All of our training focuses on survival by identifying and avoiding threats that you can and tactics and skills to engage those that you can't.

Our monthly Defensive Combat class draws students from around Florida to experience a level of training otherwise unattainable. The drills combine shooting and reloading while moving, multiple reactive targets, moving targets, malfunction drills, use of cover, good guy/bad guy targets, engagement from a vehicle, unusual positions such as on your back, and real-world scenarios.

The Training Center is located in the Orlando area and is only minutes from Downtown Mount Dora and Eustis. Our facilities include an actual move-in ready, furnished home dedicated to training scenarios (no one lives in the house, though many students have remarked that they would like to), the latest technology in computer shoot/don't shoot scenario simulators, and a Pro Shop to purchase everything from concealed carry accessories (holsters, purses, etc.) to defensive items. As a federally licensed firearm dealer (FFL), Strategic Outfitters stocks a variety of firearms for concealed carry and home defense.

Before you take firearms training from anyone, take a look at their website and social media to see what they tell you about themselves, their training philosophy, and what your overall experience will be. Google them to see what information from others is available and if it comports with what they tell you about themselves. Ask them about their firearms knowledge and background, whether they carry instructor liability insurance, whether the classroom and range are covered with commercial insurance policies specifically for firearm training, will the range training be conducted at a public range where the general public (including those with unsafe habits) will be shooting at the same time, and will the range training be conducted out in an open field that is miles from civilization? Whether you choose to train with us or someone else, you have the right to know the answers to these questions.

Serving Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, Lake County, Orange County, Orlando, Apopka, and all of Central Florida.

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