About the Author- Doug Rehman

Doug Rehman Photo SODoug Rehman is a retired Florida Department of Law Enforcement Special Agent. He pioneered online proactive child exploitation investigations in 1994 and testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Crime in 1997, resulting in numerous improvements in federal laws protecting children. In addition to being involved in conducting all manner of criminal investigations, he performed dignitary protection, disaster response, electronic surveillance, and security assessments.

Prior to FDLE, Doug was an Inspector with the Illinois State Police and began his career with local law enforcement agencies in Florida. He has taught at the FBI Academy and taught investigative courses for the Institute of Police Technology and Management. For the past twenty years, Doug has been providing digital forensic examination and expert witness services via Rehman Technology Services, Inc. He is also a Professor at Valencia College in Orlando, teaching in the Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Program.

Doug’s firearm experience began during his senior year at the University of South Florida where he shot on the pistol team. He is as comfortable and proficient with a revolver as a semi-auto, both of which he carried during his law enforcement career.

Doug and his wife Jody, who is also prior law enforcement and an NRA Instructor, have built the Strategic Outfitters Firearm Training Center to provide professional firearm training to people looking for an academic, professional experience.

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

State of Florida Licensed Firearms Instructor

State of Florida Licensed Security Officer Instructor

NRA Training Counselor

Doug Rehman is an NRA Training Counselor (TCs train Instructors) and is certified to teach students and Instructor Candidates in:

Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)
Personal Protection Outside The Home (PPOTH)
Defensive Pistol
Refuse To Be A Victim (RTBAV)
Home Firearm Safety
Range Safety Officer (RSO)
Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO)