Navigating Our Training Options

We have updated our training matrix to provide a path to our advanced training options for those that already have a concealed carry permit or have taken advanced training from other instructors. “Advanced Training” means a handgun class that was at least 8 hours and that specifically includes drawing and firing 100+ rounds from a holster. (Email us if you have a question!)

Those that already have a concealed carry permit can take our 2-3 hour Gateway Class for $35. It is a safety & skills review class (classroom & range) that serves as a gateway to our more advanced training classes (PPITH, PPOTH, and Defensive Pistol). The class ensures that the students have learned the ALWAYS rules of safe firearm handling and employ them. Additionally it gives us an opportunity to work with them on their marksmanship skills on the range. We have found that the $65 two to four hour “concealed carry” classes may be enough to get a concealed carry permit, but the students usually don’t really learn safety and marksmanship.

We are also now offering the NRA’s Defensive Pistol course. The Defensive Pistol course is similar to the NRA’s Personal Protection Outside The Home (PPOTH), including having the same student book. One significant difference is that students in PPOTH must first take the Personal Protection Inside The Home (PPITH) course; PPITH is not required for Defensive Pistol. Another difference is that PPOTH includes more advanced shooting, such as from cover/concealment and low light.

By offering Defensive Pistol, our students now have a quicker, less costly, means of receiving training in the nuts and bolts of concealed carry and drawing/shooting from concealment.

We strongly believe that PPITH is a course that almost everyone will benefit from and we will continue to offer it. We will also continue to periodically offer PPOTH for those that might want the more advanced training.

A list of our class dates and links with complete information for each class, including signing up,  is available at

Here’s a summary of starting out with us on your path to confidence and competence in self protection:

  • You haven’t taken any formal handgun or concealed carry classes: Pistol Intro Class
  • You have a Florida concealed carry permit: Pistol Gateway Class
  • You have Advanced Handgun Training (NRA Defensive Pistol, NRA PPOTH, or other advanced handgun training that was at least an 8 hour class involving holster draw and 100+ rounds fired): You can take any of our classes, schedule computer simulator sessions, and attend our Skills & Drills Range Days!

Below is our Training Matrix.


The Newest Addition To Our Range

The vast majority of firearm ranges only allow static target shooting. Very few ranges allow you to draw and fire from a holster and of those, most don’t allow moving and shooting. Students in our advanced handgun courses are required to draw from a holster and fire, along with moving, at our private range.

IMG_20160615_192329We have decided to take the training we provide to an even higher level that is unavailable at the vast majority of ranges, even those allowing holster draw and movement. We’ve added a vehicle to our range equipment that will be used for training and drills involving shooting out the window at a threat (such as a carjacker or someone with violent road rage), exiting the vehicle to engage a threat, and using the vehicle for cover/concealment (such as when confronted by an armed robber, kidnapper, or other violent aggressor).

Making Your Range Experience More Comfortable

IMG_20160615_192132In our quest to provide the most comfortable training environment possible, we’ve been making improvements to our range. We’ve created mulched “islands” for settingIMG_20160615_192203 down your gear and for getting out of the sun (and occasional rain) while you load your magazines or take a break between shooting exercises.

Limo for transporting students and their gear between the classroom and the range.

We also have an eight passenger limo cart to take students and their gear from the classroom down to the range!

To make it easy to clean up after time on the range, we’ve put in a large stainless steel sink for washing up.IMG_20160615_192509

Upcoming range improvements include adding a large shade sail over the shooting positions to provide shade for summertime classes and adding a laterally moving target.