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Not only does our training meet the requirements, it far exceeds them. After completing the course, you'll receive an NRA training certificate that can be submitted as proof of meeting the requirements.

The one to four hour "concealed carry" classes are enough to get a permit, but the students don't learn safety and marksmanship. Many people we know went through such classes before we began teaching and have said that they still don't feel comfortable around firearms.

The Gateway class is a safety & skills review (classroom & range) that serves as a gateway to our more advanced training classes which prepare you for real world personal protection (PPITH, PPOTH, and Defensive Pistol). The Gateway class ensures that the students practice safe firearm handling and  gives us an opportunity to work with them on their marksmanship skills on the range.

Strategic Outfitters owns a private facility with both a classroom and firearms range. It's located within minutes of beautiful downtown Mount Dora and Eustis and only minutes from the Central Florida Expressway connection to all the Orlando attractions. With restaurants, shopping and a variety of B&B's so close, planning your next vacation around the courses offered is easy.Before signing up for someone else's class you should find out where the shooting portion, if any, takes place. Do you only fire one bullet into a bucket of sand in the back of a pawn shop? If they do take you to a range, is it in the middle of nowhere out in the swamp or forest? Do you feel secure with a stranger taking you to a remote location you're not familiar with? How close is medical help if needed? Is it an actual firearms range or just an open field with target stands? If it is someone's home or acreage, is it actually insured as a firing range? You should always keep your personal safety at the forefront of all your decisions.Not only is our range constructed as such, but it is insured as a commercial facility and our chief instructors are NRA Chief Range Safety Officers.

The single most important skill an instructor must possess is teaching ability. An instructor may be the best competitive shooter or SWAT team member, but if they can't teach you won't learn. Doug Rehman has decades of professional teaching experience including at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA and as a Professor at Valencia College in Orlando, FL.

The next most important component is class size. Will you be one of a dozen or more students in the class or one of just a handful? (Our classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students.) Large classes deliver cookie cutter content that denies you one on one instruction and might not fit your needs. An instructor can tailor a small class for the skills and knowledge you need most based on your individual lifestyle.

While we certainly support our military and are grateful for their service, firearms skills and knowledge gained from military service in and of itself does not necessarily translate to the needs of a private citizen. Both the training methodologies and the uses of firearms are different.

Law enforcement experience and/or CJSTC instructor status is somewhat more applicable to private citizen firearms usage. It is very important, however, to realize that the rules that law enforcement operate under and the activities that they perform are very different from those of a private citizen.

NRA certified instructors have the unique benefit of learning methods that are specifically designed for teaching firearms safety and skills to private citizens that put the students at ease, promote their participation, and ensure that they are confident in what they have learned.

Avoid "Tacticool" instructors-persons that like to dress in paramilitary garb and try to impress you with stories of their military or law enforcement exploits. Instead, seek out professional instructors that are mature and have firearm experience that relates to your needs.

Our Chief Instructors (Doug & JL Rehman) both come from sworn law enforcement backgrounds, are NRA Certified Instructors, NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officers, have many years of experience with a variety of firearms, have many years of experience carrying concealed firearms as private citizens, and as retail business owners. Additionally, JL can convey the selection, carrying, and use of a firearm from the unique perspective of a woman.

Take a look at our blog post on the subject for more tips.

The 2nd Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms, is the only one of our constitutionally protected rights that is constantly under attack. The NRA is the only organization large enough to have the political power required to prevent the anti-gun forces from being able to destroy a basic right. Every member of the NRA may not agree with every position that the NRA takes, but every member understands that without the NRA the future of our 2nd Amendment rights would be in grave danger.

The NRA is the premier firearms education organization in the world and is the foremost defender of our 2nd Amendment rights. The only politics that the NRA is involved in is those that are aimed at furthering firearms education and ownership.

You should support the NRA so that you and all future generations of Americans may continue to enjoy the freedoms that our forefathers knew would be ensured by what they codified in the 2nd Amendment.

Strategic Outfitters, LLC holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL) for the sale and manufacture of firearms. For the convenience of our students, we usually maintain a stock of the same firearms for sale that students in our basic class get to shoot. In addition, we carry a variety of range holsters, concealed carry holsters, concealed carry purses, ammunition, and accessories.

Serving Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, Lake County, Orange County, Orlando, Apopka, and all of Central Florida.

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